Bernie Leadon - Volcano Lyrics

Volcano (I Identify)
written: B. Leadon

Smoke driftin' out his ears
Body tense with gritted teeth
Smile frozen in place
On his usual face
From time to time you can get a glimpse
How he really feels
Volcano inside
Pressure won't subside

I identify
I identify

When he was a boy
His daddy left and never came back
Thought it was somethin' he did
But he was just a kid
So he carries it around
But he doesn't know why he's so ticked off
Said it was somethin' you did
But you were just a kid - keep your feelin's hid

I identify
I identify

Who we are
Will be passed on
Whether we like it or not
I want to be
One of the fortunate ones
Who wake up

Thunder echoes on the hill
The storm has passed, it's safe outside
But this was only rain
The sun will shine again
But down in the crater
See steam still rise
Fire inside
Volcano is alive
Could be a big surprise

I identify
I identify


Solo Discography :: Mirror